CA-STEM Prospective Fellows applying for the Bechtel K-8 Educational Excellence Initiative



Time Committment (15-20 hours per week)

  • In the summer of 2015, you will be required to attend a two-week summer workshop that will begin July 20th and end July 31st on the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) campus. During this workshop, you will receive training on how to assist the participating elementary and middle school teachers and will work directly with them. There may be an opportunity for working with high school teachers as well. If you cannot commit to attending the entire workshop, please do not apply.
  • Throughout the academic year, you will spend 10-15 hours each week assisting elementary or middle school teachers in their classrooms.
  • Throughout the academic year, you will provide 3-5 hours each week assisting teachers in scoring student assignments, attending school meetings and maintaining a project website.
  • You will be required to attend a two-hour program meeting every other week and participate in other outreach activities throughout the academic year.


  • You must be enrolled full-time as of the fall 2015 in a graduate program in Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics or Engineering and must maintain full-time status throughout the award period.
  • You must have a Grade Point Average of 3.2 or higher.
  • You must be a United States citizen, national or permanent resident.
  • You must pass background and fingerprint checks.


  • Financial support - an eight-month stipend ($15,000 starting September 1, 2014 and ending April 30, 2015) is provided, as well as tuiion and fees.
  • Classroom experience.
  • Increased publication and presentation experience.
  • Improved communication skills.
  • Improved team skillls.
  • Grant writing experience.
  • Enchanced thesis opportunities.

Your Application must include the following:

  • A resume that highlights your prior teaching experiences (e.g., tutoring, college teaching experiences, grade K-12 teaching experiences) and that provides evidence of your content knowledge within your field
  • Two letters of recommendations. These letters should directly address your level of knowledge in your field, your ability to collaborate on a team and your communication skills.
  • A completed application form. Click here for the Fellow Application Form. 


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