CA-STEM Grade K-8 Workshops

The grade K-8 annual two-week teacher summer workshops on the Colorado School of MInes campus provide a two-year sequence. This allows teachers to attend for two years in a row without replicating content.

Earth, Energy, and Environment was the theme for our 2013 Grade K-8 Teacher Workshop. The workshop schedules and topics are listed below:

Workshop 1PDF versionText only version (for new teachers)

Workshop 2PDF versionText only version (for returning teachers)

CA-STEM partners with two NSF-funded Colordo School of Mines Engineering Research Centers in its funding, outreach and training efforts:

Faculty from these centers provide teachers with the most up-to-date reseach in renewable energy and water utilization and conservation. Sustainable and efficient use of both energy and water are discussed in simple context which, along with exciting age-appropriate experiments and activities, will enliven the science and math classes for elementary and middle school students.  



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