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May 16, 2014

Congratulations to Dr. Jerry Dweyer and Dr. Raegan Higgins on the receiveing the Champion of Women (C.O.W.) Award and Outstanding Woman Leader (O.W.L.) Award!

These awards are given by WT-AWIS members only, during the spring semester of each year, and are for the purpose of recognizing men (Champion of Women Award/C.O.W.) and women (Outstanding Woman Leader Award/O.W.L.) who are active supporters of women in science, and who have demonstrated their commitment to the education, training and mentoring of women, as well as to overall gender equity in science.

March 5, 2014

Interview with Dr. Barbara Moskal on STEM outreach highlighting the Trefny Institute's educational innovations:


Oct, 2013
Cool Science Festival - UCCS Colorado Springs, CO
CSM Fellows (Bechtel Educational Excellence Initiative) showed kids how much fun science and engineering can be with a variety of stimulating STEM activities, including programmable LEGO robots, renewable energy activities, and plinko.




Aug, 2013 
Associate Professor Jerry Dwyer Discusses mathematics outreach activities that enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics especially in K-12 education and community colleges. For more information: see article here.




July, 2013
Teacher Bechtel Teacher Workshop
Teachers and Fellows attended a 2-week training workshop at CSM that focused on (STEM) science, technology, engineering and math experiments and activities which teachers and fellows take back to their classrooms during the school year. The workshop gave teachers and fellows a chance to meet and interact with one another before working with each other in the classroom.



July 24, 2013
Dr. Cathy Skokan presented a geology lesson to a group of autistic children in Lakewood as part of their Earth Science learning program.  The kids thought rocks and minerals were very interesting and Dr. Skokan really "rocked"!





July, 2013 
Rocky Mountain Camp for Dyslexic Kids
For a second year, our collaboration on a science unit for the Rocky Mountain Camp for Dyslexic Kids was a huge success. This past July, Dr. Barbara Moskal and Lyndsey Wright spent two weeks teaching fun STEM topics at the camp and saw fantastic results. Among the students' favorite lessons were: digging for dinosaur fossils, Lego robotics, and hula hoop physics. This year quantitative data shows the great impact our science unit had with students, but our favorite response is still just seeing such huge enthusiasm from the kids! 



June, 2013
ASEE Conference
This summer two Bechtel teaching fellows attended the American Society for Engineering Education's (ASEE) annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This conference engages engineers, educators and students to advance engineering education, from primary to secondary levels. Lyndsey Wright presented in the Supporting Diversity in Engineering session; her presentation outlined the model used and her experiences from creating and implementing the science unit of the Rocky Mountain Camp for Dyslexic Kids. Lisa Gallagher was a panel speaker in the K-12 best practices partnership session, speaking about the Bechtel program model and its decade of successful implementation.



June, 2013
Tech Camps 
Kids from all over the Denver area came to CSM for a "Forensic Science" themed Tech Camp.  Acting as scientific investigators the kids used experiements and deductive reasoning to form theories and "solve" crimes with science!





girl smiling with Lego RobotBoy with lego robot creationJune, 2013
Dr. Mike Wakin donated 3 new laptop computers to the Trefny Institute for use by students and fellows during Dyslexic Camp, and Tech Camps. Thank you Dr. Wakin!






   magazine cover Energy and the Earth 2013
Spring 2013
Colorado School of Mines Research Magazine, ENERGY AND THE EARTH, "Future Help Wanted: STEM Knowledge Required" (pgs. 22-23) see article here.





 *Feb, 2013
Announcement from the Golden History Museum...."In 1938, the museum created a set of portraits recognizing extraordinary individuals from Golden. Inspired by our past, we commissioned a new set of portraits to celebrate our 75th birthday. Meet 15 legendary people of Golden, nominated by the community, through larger-than-life portraits taken by Rick Souders." Our own Dr. Cathy Skokan is one of those Golden "legends"! Her beautiful portrait now hangs in a place of honor in the Golden History Museum.


Jan, 2013
Dr. Barbara Moskal was interviewed on 88.9 KNPR Nevada Public Radio on How to Improve STEM Education.The national push for more education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics began a few years ago. In 2007, Nevada ranked low in the number of science and engineering degrees that were awarded. What has changed since then? And what is the state doing to encourage more students to enroll in university programs in technology and science?



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