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Overview of the Discover STEM Program, Grades 6-8, (prevously known as Tech Camp)




 Discover STEM is a week-long summer camp held on the Colorado School of Mines campus designed to introduce middle school students, grades 6-8, to science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) concepts. Instructors devise lesson plans and activities which use state of the art technology to create a hands-on environment where students have fun while learning new skills.

When students have the opportunity to apply STEM skills to practical applications, they begin to think and feel like scientists. They recognize how STEM can beneficially effect their lives and the lives of others in the modern world. The students also experience what attending college classes can offer them and what career opportunities are available in STEM.

Tech camp was originally conceived, developed and implemented by a team of graduate students in the Department of Mathematical and Computer Science at Colorado School of Mines 10 years ago. Since then, various versions of the camp have been offered each summer. When grant funding and/or donations are available, scholarships are offered to students from economically disadvantaged school districts. For the past two years, we have offered open, fee-based registration and have had a very successful response. Open registration fills up in less than a day!

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