Discover STEM Lessons and Activities

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Discover STEM Lessons and Activities


Discover STEM consists of a 3-year cycle of programs. Students can attend camp for each of their middle school years without repetition of topics, building their computational, scientific and engineering abilities. Camp participants will have the opportunity to work on both individual and group projects under the guidance of experienced graduate instructors who have spent significant time assisting science, technology and math teachers in public schools in the greater Denver area. All lesson plans and activities are developed by faculty and graduate students at the Colorado School of Mines and emphasize the college’s theme of earth, energy and environment.



Year 1 teaches Online Technologies with lessons and activities such as logo design, website design, HTML language, PowerPoint, digital photography, rocket design and pasta towers.

Year 2 teaches Computer Programing with lessons and activities such as computer graphics and animation, video game creation, robotics, GPS navigation, Barbie bungee drop, cardboard boat construction and electric guitar building.

Year 3 teaches Forensic Science with lessons and activities such as handwriting analysis, fingerprint detection, chromatography, criminology, cryptography, logic puzzles, gait analysis, protect the art gallery, mouse catapults and catch the


During the camp day, which runs from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., computer work and inside activities are interspersed with outside activities. A campus-wide GPS scavenger hunt, building and setting off rockets on the commons, and investigating a crime scene outside a campus building provide problem solving, team-work and social interaction.


Here are some pictures from the 2014 Discover STEM Camp.

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