Mines Transfer Students

Thank you for visiting the Transfer Office. Information regarding all transfer and advanced credit is located here.

Incoming Transfer Student Information

Information for students that are transferring in for a future term.


Information for Incoming Freshmen

Information for incoming freshmen for a future term.


International Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

International Freshmen or International Transfer students matriculating in a future term.


Current Students and Former Students Returning to Mines

Information for students that have are currently attending Mines or have attended in the past and are planning on returning.


Study Abroad Information

Students who are currently attending Mines and are wishing to study abroad.


Advanced Credit

Advanced Credit such as Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and A-Levels have been posted for incoming Fall 2016 students.  Scores have changed for the current year and retroactive credit will not be granted.  More information can be found here.  Current students will need to contact transfer@mines.edu for previous term advanced credit articulation tables.  Any free elective credit above and beyond what is required for a student's major will not be applied.

Advanced Credit

Transfer Credit Appeals

To appeal a transfer credit decision, please email registrar@mines.edu and address your concen to the Registrar, Lara Medley.  For further concerns, you may contact the Colorado Department of Higher Education.